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Straighten Your Smile at Any Stage of Life

Straighten Your Smile at Any Stage of LifeWhen it comes to orthodontics, there are numerous options available on the market today. It can feel confusing and overwhelming to wade through all the information out there, trying to find what’s right for you. It’s not easy to go online and, from the millions of search results, figure out which orthodontic option suits you best.

The Clinical Experience You Need

I have a passion for orthodontics and will help you determine what fits your individual needs. You’ve got to consider your budget, what you’re comfortable with and the time frame in which you want to complete treatment. I offer my patients the benefit of 30 years’ experience in orthodontics and stay updated on the latest developments in the field with ongoing professional development courses.

No matter what your age or concern, I’ll evaluate your teeth, discuss your particular situation and recommend the solution that makes the most sense for your case.

The options available at Vision Dental include

  • Clear Correct
  • Rapid Smiles®
  • Traditional braces (Including tooth coloured ceramic)

A Focus on Children’s Oral Health

When it comes to kids and orthodontics, we don’t just consider the look of their teeth. We want to balance their facial profile and ensure the optimal function of their mouth. With records including photographs, models and X-rays, we’ll analyse your child for all possible concerns. Appliances are available to influence the growth and development of their jaw structure, which can be used in conjunction with traditional braces.

An Oral Myologist joins us in practice to look at a child’s tongue function, breathing, swallowing and more that may be an underlying cause of their oral health issues.

By catching these issues early on, any treatment that’s necessary will be shorter, quicker and more effective, with greater stability upon completion.

Get Evaluated Without Cost or Obligation

If you’d like to find out more about what we can offer you, contact our clinic today. We’ll book you in for an initial complimentary consultation. During this time, I can have a look at your teeth and mouth and give you an idea of what we feel we can do for you. If you decide to proceed, you can then schedule for a subsequent appointment.

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