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Airflow Machine in Menai

Dental Spa Airflow ExperienceAt our practice, we strive to help patients receive the best possible dental care. That means we employ top-notch technology, like the new AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master Machine. The AIRFLOW Machine is an attachment to our current cleaning technology that removes stains on your teeth, biofilm and young calculus. The machine also assists in restorations and implant cases.

Unlike other options, the AIRFLOW Machine can easily clean difficult to reach areas like exposed tooth necks, pits, fissures and the space between your teeth as well as wired braces.

The Airflow Difference

Developed in 1981, this technology has undergone more than 100,000 hours of clinical and technical testing–its reliability is unparalleled!

We believe our patients always deserve the safest, most effective options when in our care. Unlike other dental machines, the AIRFLOW system functions with the help of three core pieces:

  • The AIRFLOW® piece: The initial part of this system-designed to remove stains, calculus on teeth (natural and restorations) and biofilm buildup.
  • The PERIOFLOW® piece: The second part of this system is used to clean out bacterial biofilm sometimes found in periodontal pockets around the teeth or implants. This makes the process extremely effective and quick-not to mention much gentler than root planing. There is also no local anaesthetic required (unlike root planning).
  • The PIEZON® piece: Designed for use following the AIRFLOW piece to remove any supra or subgingival calculus that remains.

Simply put, when you visit us, you’ll receive the best possible teeth clean available, whether you have natural teeth or implants and restorations that need assistance. We’re dedicated to your needs, and will use the perfect system to bring you proper oral health care.

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