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Dazzling Bridges and Crowns in Menai

Restoring Smiles at Vision Dental

Our Menai family dentist understands how anxious it can be to struggle with a broken or missing tooth. At Vision Dental, Dr Stephen Suster provides customised bridges and crowns to replace and restore damaged teeth.

Custom Dental Crowns

Sometimes called a “cap,” dental crowns are fixed over damaged teeth to restore their function and aesthetics. They’re necessary for teeth that have suffered severe decay, fractures or been treated with a root canal. Your permanent porcelain crown is customised to fit closely alongside your natural teeth.

Fixed Bridges

Bridges fill in the open gap left by missing teeth. This prevents adjacent teeth from driving out of place, and ensures natural biting patterns. The bridge is anchored by crowns on each end (over healthy teeth) with a false crown called a “pontic” suspended between.

Maintenance of Your Crown or Bridge

Please note that regular checkups and cleans are essential to help you extend the life of all dental work. Daily brushing and flossing can help you prevent infections or decay from forming along the edges of your crown or bridge. If you’re having trouble cleaning these areas, we have tips to make it an easier process. Just ask us how!

Complementing Your Smile’s Appearance

Every fixed restoration that we provide is carefully designed in a way that mimics the appearance of natural teeth. This allows your final crown or bridge to blend in with your smile as best as possible. They can also be anchored directly over dental implants to replace missing teeth in a reliable manner.

Contact Vision Dental to experience comfortable dentistry with our gentle Menai dentist. Same-day appointments and 0% interest free financing are available!


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