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Dento-facial Aesthetics at Vision Dental

Facial Rejuvenation Services in Menai

Older woman with dark hairIf you’re looking for an extra boost for your smile, a dentist is your best choice when it comes to enhancing your facial features. Dentist Dr Stephen Suster’s experience in dento-facial aesthetics combined with his training in cosmetic dentistry means he can carefully enhance your features to compliment your natural face shape and perfectly frame your smile.

We use a combination of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers to minimise frown lines and crows feet, as well as define and volumise your lips to create a rejuvenated look, and healthier, wrinkle free skin.  Relaxing a high upper lip can also reduce the appearance of a gummy smile.

Want to Learn More?

Preventation is better than cure! You can fight the early signs of aging in your 20s and 30s through dento-facial aesthetics to prevent wrinkle lines becoming deeply ingrained. Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your skin young. Give us a call on (02) 9543 4222.


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