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Tooth Coloured Fillings in Menai

Combatting Cavities at Vision Dental

Fillings MenaiCavities are one of the most prevalent diseases in children. But tooth decay doesn’t stop there. Approximately 9 in 10 adults have experienced at least one cavity in a permanent tooth.

While cavities can often be prevented through good home care, preventative strategies and regular checkups, many go unnoticed due to infrequent dental checkups or lack of symptoms. Not all cavities cause pain. Some of the more common signs of tooth decay include

  • Sensitivity to sweet foods or beverages
  • Pain when biting down on the tooth
  • Rough edges you can feel with your tongue
  • Food catching in the same area at each meal
  • Sharp pain or throbbing in a particular part of your mouth
  • Visible darkening of the tooth

Diagnosing a Cavity

Tooth decay typically starts between teeth or in the deep grooves and fissures on chewing surfaces. Unfortunately, the cavity may not be visible until it’s quite large. To screen for early signs of damage, we recommend having intermittent X-rays taken to see between and inside of your teeth.

When diagnosed early, your cavity can be treated with a small and minimally-invasive filling. Larger areas of decay require more extensive restorations, such as crowns or even root canal therapy.

Types of Fillings

There are two types of dental fillings commonly used: tooth coloured (composite) and silver (amalgam). In most situations, we prefer to use white fillings because of their cosmetic and minimally-invasive properties. They can be matched to your unique smile, making them essentially invisible when you’re talking or smiling. Composite restorations are free of mercury.

A silver filling may be needed if a tooth is particularly hard to reach or keep dry, especially if the cavity is quite large. Metal restorations are more invasive to the tooth structure, so we only use them in specific situations.

Fillings for Children

Tooth decay can spread very quickly in a young child’s mouth. Although primary teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced with permanent ones, childhood cavities are a serious concern. Active areas of decay can spread to underlying and adjacent teeth, affecting your child’s future smile.

Treating cavities early prevents the bacterial infection from spreading into adjacent teeth. Bring your child in for a checkup every six months so that we can spot decay at its earliest stage of development.

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