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Do you constantly suffer from Headaches?

Headaches generally fall into four categories: Sinus, Cluster, Tension and Migraine. You can determine which type you have by discussing it with your doctor or dentist. Headaches are typically treated by your physician but did you know that improper occlusion (your bite) may play a significant role in certain types of headaches as well as other head and neck pain.

One type of headache, tension headache is the most common and originates from the muscles of your forehead. If you only experience this headache occasionally it can usually be treated with over- the- counter pain medication. However if they occur on a regular basis or have been persisting for a long period of time, it is a good idea to discuss it with your dentist.

Headaches and Your Bite

The muscles of the temple area play an important part in the closing of the jaw. If your occlusion (bite) is not right, it can lead to abnormal tension in these muscles- one of the possible causes of tension type headache. If the bite is not corrected, the muscles may remain tense for long periods of time. Therefore the muscle does not get a chance to rest and suffers from poor circulation. The result can be pain (headache)

Determining if the Bite is the Cause

Our technology here at Vision Dental allows us to evaluate the state of these muscles and other factors that might be affecting your bite. This is done in our surgery using a TENS device to relax the muscles and find the neuromuscular neutral position. Based on this and other information obtained from a physical examination we can rule in or rule out your bite being a possible cause of headache pain.

Dental Treatment of Headaches

If the indications are that your bite is a major factor, we may recommend a custom made orthotic. An orthotic is a plastic appliance that is worn over or fixed to your teeth to adjust and correct your bite. You would wear this appliance for a period of time to make sure the new bite position is corrected. After having worn this provisional appliance for some time, we will know if the new bite position has resolved the headache problem. If it has you will have several options for long term treatment.

For more information or to book a consultation, contact Dr Stephen Suster on (02) 9543 4222 at Vision Dentall, located in Menai Metro on Allison Cres, Menai.

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