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The Consequences of Putting off Dental Treatment

smileWith the recent economic crisis pinching wallets, patients are putting off much needed dental work. Visits for preventative dental care are also on the decline.

The unfortunate reality is patients will only end up spending more money later on down the track. There are serious consequences that should be considered when you think about putting off dental treatment

For instance:

If advancing tooth decay is left untreated it will eventually find its way to the nerve of the tooth. The nerve will become inflamed and infected and you will then have to deal with “PAIN”.

You can’t choose when this will take place, it could be in the middle of the night keeping you up all hours or even worse you could be on holidays. Once the nerve has been affected, root canal treatment will be needed to save the tooth followed by a crown to support the tooth.

The most important appointment you and your family can have is a preventative care appointment which is normally recommended every six months. At this appointment, your gums are professionally cleaned keeping them healthy and preventing gum disease and other serious problems. Your dentist will also check for advancing tooth decay, fractures (which if left untreated can cause serious problems even the loss of a tooth), bite issues and oral cancer.

These are just some examples of the importance of having your regular preventative care appointment: it’s not “just a clean”, it enables problems to be picked up and treated before they become serious. In the early stages, most dental disease is painless. By the time symptoms develop treatment is more extensive and costly.

So the next time you’re considering putting off your dental visit think about the consequences, it just might save you, not only money but your teeth as well.

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